Plant has production capacity to produce 12000 MT / Annum of various dyes. Plant is well equipped with many reaction vessels ranging from 500 ltrs to 40000 ltrs capacity with different material of constructions. To standardize the product to different specifications, plant has equipments like sand mill, granular spray dryer, ball mills, blenders etc.

Within short span of time, company established its brand “ISOTEX” synonymous to entire range of:

Vinyl Sulplhone / “VS” Dyes – Suitable for Printing & Dyeing
Hot Brand / “H” or “P” Dyes – Suitable for Printing
High Exhaust Dyes / “HE” Dyes – Suitable for Dyeing
Bifunctional Dyes / “ME” Dyes – Suitable for Dyeing
Cold Brand / “M” Brand – Suitable for Dyeing
Powder & Ultra Conc. Dyes. Vat Dyes - Suitable for PAD - JIG Dyeing
Microdisperse Grains (MD Dyes / Finished Vat Dyes ) - Suitable for continuous & package (Cone / Cheese) Dyeing
Phthalocyanine Blues / Ingrain Dyes - Mainly used & compatible in WAX Printing & Direct Style of Printing as well as Dyeing.
Pigment Powder - Suitable for Printing inks, Plastic & Paint industries Pigment
Emulsions - Suitable for Textile Dyeing & Printing and Detergents